SCAFFOLDING NETS HDPE knitted nets, used on working sites and more specifically on buildings under construction, with two different types of application. Lightweight nets protect from dust and light construction process waste. They also mask the ongoing construction project and prevent from unauthorized access. Heavy duty nets on the other hand, with a narrower mesh […]


ROAD FENCE NETS Retroreflective Road Fence Net Perfect for fencing and signage of construction sites and road works, ski slopes. Serves also as crowd barrier. The color combination along with Karatzis registered novelty of two retroreflective bands lengthwise offer high visibility and a safe direction indication during the night or in limited visibility conditions (skiing […]


PARKING NETS Fade resistant, (usually) heavyweight nets of narrow knitted mesh offering a high degree of occultation, used for shading carwash bays, valet parking, industrial and commercial car lots. Common mesh types for this application: 203 / 204 / 348 / 205D / 211 Customary colors for this range of nets: Black, Dark green, Grey/Anthracite […]