TUBULAR NET Karatzis Tubular Netting is a complete fresh produce packaging solution system, appropriate for different types of vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, confectionery and nuts with capacity volume from 250gr up to 5kg. Also used in warehouse storage of small and medium machine spare parts. We offer a wide range of knitted mesh styles, widths […]


SPORTS NETS We provide premium sports netting solutions tailored to your needs, demonstrating our emphasis on strength, durability and quality. With a large variety of knitted pattern and colors, our sports netting products meet the requirements of sports facilities, clubs, schools and universities. Advantages Long service life, low cost Wide range of colors Wind break […]


SINGLE BAGS Single Bags is one of the packaging solutions we offer for manual or semi-automatic use. This product can be supplied in a wide range of sizes. Choose our high quality bags with and without drawstring for packing weights from 1 kg to 50 kg. We can supply bags with or without handle upon […]


JUTE SYNTHETIC Large quantities of potatoes are grown from ‘seed’ potatoes worldwide. For better results, seed potatoes are allowed to ‘sprout’ before planting. Karatzis S.A. offers special bags for seed potatoes to protect the sprouts during transportation and storage.This type of bag is made with a special fabric and is available in pieces and on […]


BAGS ON ROLLS Raschel bags on rolls are mostly addressed to large packing houses with automatic packaging machines.. Due to their air-permeable netting are ideally suited for packaging fruits and vegetables.They are most commonly used to package potatoes, onions and carrots, but beetroots, corn and citrus fruits can also be successfully packaged therein. ADVANTAGES Raschel […]


RASCHEL BAGS Karatzis Raschel bags is the modern eco-friendly packaging solution. KARATZIS S.A. is the market leader of Raschel bags in the world offering the widest range of products across the Globe. Our Raschel bags are supplied on rolls and as single bags in bales. The manufacturing of our raschel bags takes place under the […]


Features 100% air circulation preventing condensation by allowing the load to breathe. High elongation, strength and versatility, can secure any type of content (sacs, boxes, trollies, glass bottles, milk cartons etc.) Excellent load retention after stretched without damaging the cartons or other packed materials Grips corners and retracts. Maintains width when stretched therefore improves wrapping […]


CLASSIC The standard product line of Karatzis pallet netting is an efficient and cost-effective solution that protects food, fruit and vegetables or flower shipments while offering superior ventilation and condensation characteristics. Features Inexpensive Easy to handle Simple to dispose Offers maximum protection Ideal for the packaging of fruits, vegetables and flowerse PALLET NETWRAP CLASSIC Technical […]


PALLET NETWRAP Karatzis Pallet Netwrap is the solution when ventilation of products is needed in order to cure or cool down. At the same time, you have a cost effective solution to form stable and unitized pallets.Designed as a superior alternative to stretch film, our Pallet net wrap protects while offering superior ventilation and condensation […]


STOCKFIL SERIES Characterized by thick consistency, these netting covers a wide variety of applications, particularly for smoking hams. StockFil nets stabilize the ham if tumbled during processing and eliminate expensive collagen-film needs. It helps maintaining moisture in the product enhances texture and provides excellent smoke penetration. Features All elastic meat netting materials are approved for […]