ECOBELL Ecobell ® is the lighter and the economic bale netwrap solution with no compromise in quality and performance. Ideal for a sustainable and extremely cost – effective baling. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION PACKAGING TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ROUND BALERS LENGTH 2000m – 4500m WIDTH 1.23m, 1.25m, 1.30m STRENGTH Min 250kg ROLL DIAMETER 22 – 28cm PACKAGING ROUND BALERS PACKAGING […]

Maglia Grande

Maglia Grande ® Maglia Grande ® represents a latest evolution of KARATZIS bale netwrap technologies. Maglia Grande ® is a wide mesh netwrap with 25 reinforced chains. The result is one of the strongest Bale Netwrap available in the market with all features of KARATZIS Bale Netwrap. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION PACKAGING TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ROUND BALERS LENGTH 2000m […]


PREMIUM Our new generation Premium series is a cutting edge development designed to: cope with all new brand baler machines, securing easy netting feeding and cutting through the baler, non-stop baling, with improved grip and bale compression, in a workable roll weight. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION PACKAGING TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ROUND BALERS LENGTH 2000m – 4500m 2000m – 3600m 2000m […]


BALER TWINE A comprehensive range of high-quality twines are available and they are suitable for use on the most advanced baling machinery throughout the season. Designed for all types of crops, such as high-density straw, hay and silage. In order to achieve such high quality, our baler twine is manufactured with an emphasis on the […]


STRETCH FILM KARATZIS stretch film is a co-extruded multi-layer film, which is manufactured with special latest-generation polyethylene co-polymers that provide excellent resistance to impacts and to tears. Our unique formulation makes it ideal for high-performance wrapping of silage fodder square and round bales. Our stretch film is manufactured with a special designed extrusion and winding […]


SILAGE NET COVER Probably one of the best solutions – Karatzis Silage net cover. It turned out to be a great technique to store silage directly on the field. To keep it safe from insects, bird and animals it is helpful to use silage net. KARATZIS silage net cover keeps the forage perfect. It is […]


BALE NETWRAP KARATZIS Bale Netwrap is manufactured with state-of-the-art Raw Materials and a unique manufacturing process which makes it the best solutions for trouble free baling. Recognized by Farmers and Contractors worldwide, has proven to consistently deliver all the performance criteria a farmer or contractor demand. KARATZIS Bale Netwrap is subject to regular DLG monitoring […]